Collaboration: The competitive edge to economic growth for metropolitan regions

2016 Collaborate to Compete logo


By Ruby Gill, Communications and Marketing Advisor

What is Collaborate to Compete?

Regional collaboration is the key to staying competitive in the world economy of the future.

Collaborate to Compete is a Canada-based network of metropolitan regions generating knowledge and promoting regional collaboration to improve Canadian competitiveness.

The focus is to increase regional networks  across Canada and North America through shared experiences and best practices.


Fourth Annual Collaborate to Compete 2016

On June 2, 2016, Canada’s leading regional thinkers and forward-looking regional-plan adopters gathered in Winnipeg.

This year’s Collaborate to Compete focus was Metropolitan Regions: Driving the Global Economy

Attendees and speakers came from municipal governments, metro-regions, industry, transit organizations, and more. Their common interest? Regional collaboration as the path to the future.

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