Who We Are

We are a network of Canadian metropolitan regions that work together to increase competitiveness of our municipalities in a global market place.

Regions are drivers of the global economy. They are our hubs of research and innovation, our centers of human capital, and our gateways of trade and immigration. Metro regions have a role to play in economic growth, in transnational trade and in improving the competitiveness of Canada and North America.

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Our Network is a Resource hub for Metro Regions
o   Connecting Canadian Metropolitan regions
o   Sharing experiences innovation and best practices
o   Providing mentorship, networking & learning opportunities
o   Collaborating on shared issues
o   Improving regional and national competitiveness


Leadership Team


Colleen Shepherd

Colleen Shepherd
Executive Director
Calgary Regional Partnership



Malcolm Bruce, Capital Region Board









Malcolm Bruce
Chief Executive Officer
Capital Region Board




Colleen Sklar
Executive Director
Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region