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2015 Cargo Logistics Conference: Regional collaboration at work

The Calgary Region was well represented at the 2015 Cargo Logistics Conference in Vancouver.  Participation was to attract business and investment to the Calgary Region from North America’s transportation, supply chain and logistics industry.

Watch the Calgary Region attendees discuss the role of collaboration at the Conference:


Key takeaways from the Cargo Logistics Conference:

  • Success with the new inbound marketing approach and the ebook in helping generate leads of businesses looking to invest in the Calgary Region (0:04)
  • Awareness of the benefits for importers and distributors looking to do business in the Region (0:46)
  • Success with the collaborative approach with all partners working as a team representing the Calgary Region (0:56)
  • Connect with the sector leaders in transportation and logistics all at the same place to understand (1:31) :
    • ports on the coast,
    • carriers moving goods into the interior
    • how products are distributed across Western Canada
  • Collaborative approach seen as a success by industry and business (2:02)
  • Connecting with the ports across Canada to explore opportunities (2:42)

The event was a success for the Calgary Region with numerous leads acquired, many new connections gained and collaboration opportunities opened with many organizations in the supply chain, logistics and transportation sector.


Representatives at the Calgary Region booth:

Calgary Logistics Council

Van Horne Institute

City of Calgary – Office of Land Servicing and Housing

Calgary Economic Development

Calgary Regional Partnership


This article was originally posted on Calgary Region Focus February 13, 2015.

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