Never heard of logistics and supply chain? It affects you more than you know

By Suzanne Wilton, Content Contributor

Why are logistics and supply chain important?Distribution Centre

It’s the third morning in a row the school bus hasn’t shown up and Gerald’s had to drive his daughter to Grade 1.

It’s not only an inconvenience, it could cost him his job as a financial analyst in the city, which is already an hour-long commute from the bedroom community where he lives with his wife and two kids.

Now, the school is talking about cutting bus service altogether, partly because the service can’t find enough drivers, but also because it’s just becoming too expensive.

The community’s tax base can no longer support it.

Everyone is moving to the city to find jobs and Gerald wonders whether he’ll be forced to as well.

Gerald’s story is fictitious but the scenario is all too real for some Calgary-area communities because of a looming shortage in the logistics and supply chain sector.

But there’s a group hard at work behind the scenes, trying to ward off the economic disaster that could come from labour shortages within the logistics and supply chain sector.

The Calgary Logistics Council (CLC) is among the city’s best-kept secrets, along with the fact that logistics and supply chain are what keep the wheels of our lives turning.